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NDTN was registered with the charity commissioner in 2008 and got an IT exemption under 80G. It has H.Q at Mumbai.

In June 2007 ZTCC Mumbai organized a 2 day national meet where NDTN was formed. Organizations like ZTCC (Mumbai), Gandarpan (WB) MOHAN (Hyd) ZCCK (Karnataka) NNOS (Chennai), SSS (Surat), MOTHER (Bhuvaneshwar) and tissue bank of TMH were the founder members. NCSTC (Dept of S & T, Govt. of India) supported this move.


The main aims of NDTN are:

  1. To make mass population aware of brain death, organ, tissue and body donation.
  2. To spread the message to grass root level through CBO’s / NGOs
  3. By spreading knowledge about legalized deceased organ / tissue donor programme aims at eradication of social evil – commercialization and Criminalization of leading to kidney racket, kidney bazaar in the country.
  4. To spread the awareness of law THOA 1994 (Act XXXXII of 1994) to all strata of the society.

Our aim is to give benefit of DD program whether it is organ or tissue to every needy waiting patient. Our dream is to lessen the agony of thousands of patients suffering from burns injury by providing cadaver skin cover, help reconstructive surgeons with bone grafts from DD, provide vision to all those suffering from corneal blindness and give state of the art treatment like transplantation to all needy patients with end organ failure who are inching towards death. NDTN was registered with the charity commissioner in 2008 and got an IT exemption under at.80G. It has H.Q at Mumbai.

Executive Members of NDTN

Name Designation Location Mobile No
Dr. Vatsala Trivedi President Mumbai +91-9821294300
Mr. C.E. Karunakaran Vice President Chennai +91-9381041615
Ms. Vibhuti Sharma Vice President New Delhi +91-9811061461
Er. T.N. Panda Gen. Secretary Bhubaneswar +91-9238544827
Dr. Meena Kumar Treasurer Mumbai +91-9820319129
Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala Exe. Secretary Mumbai +91-9969075959
Ms. Heena Vora Joint. Secretary Mumbai +91-9867309525
Ms. Sujata Ashtekar Exe. Member Mumbai +91-9819226332
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